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K 518 DJ

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Cuffie DJ

€ 44,99 each

Percepite la musica.
Suono eccellente per piccoli eventi. Le sorelle minori delle cuffie K 181 DJ svolgono un ruolo eccellente in piccoli club e feste private.

Chiaramente le feste tra amici meritano lo stesso tipo di qualità del suono professionale dei grandi eventi. I DJ semi-professionisti hanno, anch'essi, bisogno di un'attrezzatura affidabile. Le cuffie K 518 DJ sono perfette per tale scopo.

I loro padiglioni auricolari chiusi, per esempio, garantiscono un isolamento ottimale dal rumore dell'ambiente circostante. Le cuffie K 518 DJ sono contraddistinte da un'ottima robustezza e il loro elevato livello di pressione sonora garantisce una qualità eccellente del suono. Inoltre l'eccellente indossabilità è di grande effetto tanto quanto la potenza low-end e l'imaging accurato.

Tutto perfetto: la festa può cominciare!

Features & benefits

Stand out from the crowd

When you want to take your personal listening experience to the next level, the AKG K 518 headphones let you do it in style.

High Quality in a Compact, Portable Package

"Semi-professional DJs need dependable equipment too.The K 518 DJ headphones fit the bill perfectly. These closed-back earphones provide optimum isolation from ambient noise and easily with stand heavy usage. The hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts resist corrosion and enhance sound clarity, while the 99.99% oxygen-free cable improves sound quality. "

AKG signature sound

Just as the AKG K 518s don’t skimp on style, they don’t skimp on performance, delivering high-output sound and excellent frequency response from virtually any portable device, including the iPhone. By using a closed-back design, sound-isolating ear cups and ambient noise attenuation, the K 518s block outside noise beautifully, so all that you hear is your music. Even quiet passages are clearly audible. High-performance drivers reproduce low frequencies down to 16 Hz and high frequencies out past 24 kHz with stunning detail. They’re also designed for high SPL, which--along with their wide dynamic range and sound isolation--makes them the perfect headphone upgrade for noisy-environment listening with nearly all of today’s audio devices. 

Reliable Compatibility

You can use the K 518s with your home stereo, portable DVD, CD and MP3 players and many other audio/video players. With their slim, tapered connector, the K518s are compatible with all versions of the iPhone including first generation models. They’re an ideal upgrade to any portable device. 

Specsheets & manuals


Audio Specifications
DriverClosed-back headphones
Risposta in frequenza16Hz-24kHz
Maximum Input Power2000 mW
Input Impedance32 ohms
Sensitivity115 dB SPL/V
Weight150 g
AKG Easy Compare
SoundSignature sound
Smartphone controlNo control option