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Just rotate the control rings on the ear cup to subtly and continuously adjust the bass and treble level, without distorting sound reproduction. This allows you to fully control the sound regardless of the type of music. This feature was inspired by Quincy Jones and developed under his supervision.

In this setting, DSP spatial processing is disabled. The setting allows the use of external 3D sound imaging like DTS Headphone:X™ or Dolby® headphone

The setting is designed to give you a more natural listening experience, as the producer intended, even though they used monitor speakers, not headphones to produce the content.

This setting adds distance to the sound imaging, creating a more spacious sound, especially suitable for naturally recorded music (orchestra, jazz), and also most pop recordings.

TruNote technology consists of a new, proprietary software solution for auto-calibration and frequency response measurement. In combination with a patented dual foam ear cushion and a pistonic motion driver, TruNote allows music reproduction to reach the maximum sound accuracy.